Get Rid Of Acne Fast!...With This Simple Remedy!

This is probably the best cleanser you've ever used...

...and it's au naturale!

Secret ingredient: Lemon (or lime)

Do you have acne scars or spots that won't just go away after trying an array of products and you're just tired? Do you have an acne-prone skin and breakout easily? Well, Season's Greetings To You!....because the only 'product' you'll ever need now is "Lemon"! Lime also works great. Lemon and lime are wonderful skin toners and exfoliators. Juice gotten from them can kill pimple-causing bacteria trapped in the skin pores and can also remove dead skin cells. This leaves your skin looking smoother and more evenly toned. The high amount of vitamin C in lemon juice also helps to prevent skin aging. It is suitable for both male and female skin types.

But before you apply lemon juice to your face, please ensure you follow these steps carefully to achieve desired results and to also prevent skin irritation;

Step 1

You would want to ensure you first wash your face with a mild soap and luke warm water or normal water (depending on your local climate) and pat your face dry with a clean towel. People with acne-prone skin tend to have sensitive skin, so, do not scrub your face while washing. Wash gently in a circular motion once or twice. You have to treat your face like an egg!

Step 2

Cut a lemon or lime in half and squeeze out the juice into a clean cup. Remove the seeds from the juice then measure the juice with a tablespoon. Once done, you would then mix the lemon juice with the exact same quantity of water. So, let's say you got 2 tablespoon of lemon/lime juice, you would mix it with 2 tablespoons of water. This helps to dilute the juice a bit and reduce its acidity.

Step 3

Get your cotton wool or pads out and add a few drops of the lemon/lime juice as you would normally do with a cleanser. Then clean your face in an upwards circular motion. Apply more to the acne-prone parts. This would sting your face a bit but that's when its doing the job. Leave to sit on your face for 30 minutes or longer if you like before rinsing. I sometimes apply to my face overnight then rinse first thing in the morning. Follow with a suitable moisturizer or sunscreen. If the weather is warm you may not use a moisturizer after rinsing your face. 

Step 4

Lemon juice may tend to dry out the skin, so it is advisable to apply just once or twice a week in winter and twice or three times a week in summer (depending on your local climate). It is advisable to cleanse your face at night for best results and avoid going under the sun right after use, as you may sustain sun-burns. If you have to go out in the sun, please ensure to wear a sunscreen or a protective hat. You also need to avoid any activity that might irritate your skin in order to make this procedure sustainable, for example; picking your pimples, using oil-based lotion, soap or make-up, applying excessive oil to the hair. etc.

Caution: If skin irritation occurs, after first use, discontinue immediately.


Results are usually unbelievable!, and you tend to see changes right after the second use; Fresh acne spots are dried out while the dead cells on black spots are removed so that your skin becomes evenly toned and you look lighter in complexion. The black spots fade out with continued use. Your skin pores also become tighter, so if you have large skin pores; you will be so excited to find that they close up quickly with continued use.

Voila! It's goodbye to acne for good!

Happy new week!


  1. It is very good post and I think this will be very helpful for me. And there is a small question too. Did that facial treatments and acne injections was really helpful for reducing acne? how to get rid of dark spots caused from pimples


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