Bolden Founders; Chinelo Chidozie And Ndidi Obidoa Feature On Elle

Women of colour have just been handed the greatest gift... a sunscreen!

Bolden USA founders, Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa, have just been featured in an article on

The two Nigerian women who grew up in Nigeria and are now based in the US are proud to present the ideal sunscreen for women of colour.

"We grew up in Africa and you can imagine the heat and the sun and it hits down on you everyday. We used a lot of moisturizer, just not sunscreen. Black people everywhere don't really think they need it."- Chinelo Chidozie 

"People say 'black don't crack' but you need to take care of your skin–there's a lot of education to be done around the need to protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays,"- Ndidi Obidoa 

The Bolden sunscreen is said to contain  safflower oil and vitamin C and does not leave a chalky residue after being applied... Read the full feature Here


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