Get A Closer Look At Kanye's New $10k Jewelry Collection!

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Kanye West has added a 12-piece jewelry collection to his Yeezy fashion line. The rapper /designer made a collaboration with...

Jacob Arabo from Jacob & Co for the pieces which were released on the 7th of April, 2017. Pieces include gold necklaces worth over $10,000; bracelets that cost over $9,000; and rings worth over $4,000. They're all inspired by 14th century Florentine art.

An 18k yellow gold, 25 inch chain for $10,010

From left to right: 18k yellow gold bracelet priced at $9,610; 18k yellow gold ring for $3,140; 18k yellow gold ring, $4,060; and 18k yellow gold rings, $1,530

As Kanye West explained in an interview, "I wanted to create something that represented timeless love.  Kim Kardashian-West on the otherhand, has been showing off these pieces since last year; see below;

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