The Silicone Sponge Is The New Must-Have Beauty Blender! (Photos)

Have y'all heard of the new beauty blender craze going about town lately? Yes!!! It's the most sought-after "Silicone Sponge" or "SiliSponge" or "Silicone Blender" or whatever name you choose! So now, the word silicone should no longer bring to mind plastic surgeries and fake boobs*** our faces will also be getting some "silicone action"!... The silicone blender is made from silicone (but of course!) and it's transparent, jelly-like and oval shaped originally said to have been released by Molly Cosmetics. Photo below;

Users that swear by this beauty blender say it helps to reduce the wastage of...

foundations and beauty products applied to the face as compared with our "puffy" beauty blenders. It is also said to be more hygienic for the skin and easier to clean. The silicone blender is selling out everyday; a major sign that it's truly worth a try... 

The Upside
  • You will use half the foundation you normally apply to your face (economical)
  • Silicone is used for skin care and can help improve the feel and softness of the skin.
  • It is easy to clean, dries quickly and does not harbour bacteria. (hygiene)
  • They are flatter and easy to hold.

How To Use
  • Apply only a little amount of product to the sponge so that your face doesn't look masked.
  • It is advisable to pat the product into the skin when using a silicone blender so that the product blends well
  • You can clean the sponge with warm water.

So what do you think? Will you ditch your favourite "bouncy" beauty blender for this gel??? Hmmmm. *Thots*... 

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Happy Blending Weekend!!!


  1. There's noting they will not turn dis blending to.

  2. interesting, it look like gel


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