Piroche Cosmetics And Avant-Garde System Now Available At Mart Life Detox Clinic

The Mart-Life Detox Clinic & Spa opens its doors with the most sought after beauty procedures and treatments from Africa, Europe and Asia with the introduction of  Piroche Cosmetics and         Avant-Garde System for the first time in Nigeria.

Piroche Cosmetics is an effective bio-energetic treatment programme that combines traditional Asian medicine and western phytotherapy with modern technologies. For the past 30 years, Piroche Cosmetics has pursued its corporate philosophy which focuses on well being and beauty making it possible for cosmetics to have health benefits.

Available at The Mart-Life Detox clinic are different accommodation packages for...

the duration of your program. The carefully crafted and designed accommodation ensures that you get full value for your time spent. Your choice of accommodation depends solely on you but the length of stay depends on what you choose off our available packages. Our available packages include 3-day, 5-day,        7-day and 10-day packages. The small and private environment is what makes our facilities top-rated and leads to better one-on-one patient care.

Other services offered by the medical, wellness and anti-aging centre include Spa Therapy, Natural Body Detoxification, Analysis and Evaluation, Nutrition Consultation and more.

“The expansion of The Mart-Life Detox Clinic is additional of what the Mart Group has built, having pioneered in IVF in Nigeria and West Africa. We added free implantation and genetic diagnosis for the prevention of down syndrome, Sickle Cell Anaemia and other genetic defects in pregnancy. With that level of experience, The Mart Group was formed to prevent infertility and removal of toxins in the body either from the environment or natural minerals such as mercury. This new addition has come at a great time when the world is more health and beauty conscious  so you no longer have to travel abroad for these services as they are available at your door step" - Professor Oladapo Ashiru, Chief Medical Director of Mart Group.

For more information, visit MartLifeDetoxClinic.com

The detox clinic is located at 2, Olatunbosun Street off Shonny Highway Shonibare Estate off Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland, Lagos


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