100Th Inspiration: Ayodele Dada Recieves Over 1 Million Naira For 5.0 CGPA!

Welcome to another edition of 100th Inspiration on www.100thshades.com where we put up stories of inspiring people, doing excellently against all odds and difficulties.

Our 100th Inspiration today is the exceptional UNILAG graduate of Psychology who finished with a whooping 5.0 Cummulative Grade Point Average out of 5.0 Overall Grade points. The all As graduate will be receiving awards from the University Of Lagos worth over 1 million naira. Ayodele who graduated as the best overall student UNILAG for the 2014/2015 graduating set has broken a 54 years record of being the first student to finish with all As through his 4-year course.

Read the details of his awards and his speech at the graduation ceremony after the cut...

Ayodele's awards includes the Vice Chancellor’s award for the best graduating student, worth 600,000 Naira; 500,000 Naira from the UNILAG Alumni Association, presented by its National President, Dr. Sunny Kuku, a deviation from the usual amount of N100,000. 100,000 Naira was awarded to for each grade point average.

Here's some of what he had to say at the ceremony;

“Many companies have been requesting for my services. I won’t mention them but there are three solid offers now and I am currently on an internship with a global multinational company,” he said.

“I did private tutoring for my colleagues and my juniors while in school and they paid me for it. It was useful for me even in my own academics. I got the advantages both academically and financially,”

“I was a social person throughout school. I attended birthday parties, cinemas, I had so many movies on my laptop and I was sharing them with my colleagues, as I was sharing notes as well.

“I have fond memories. I was the head of my final year planning committee for dinners, symposium, and was involved in a lot of other things. But I didn’t have a girlfriend.

“I had close friends but I did not want to have to deal with a lot of things at the same time. I was working and schooling. You don’t have to be a genius to get the results of a genius. Just target excellence always. The nation needs us. We must readily take direction for our lives.”

Source: The Nation


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