Valentine's Day! #What To Do?

Hello lovers, are you still confused about what to do this Valentine's?  Here is a list of ideas for you, don't miss out on the fun of expressing how much you care for that special person this year.

What To Do This Valentine's?

See the list here

#1. Go on a romantic vacation: Hotel, Spa, Beach House, Wild life Resort.

What to do;
Site seeing, 
Mountain climbing, 
Boat cruise, 
Snow boarding, 
Ice skating, 
Watch a live game, 
Lawn tennis,
Horse racing, 
Car racing...

#2. Learn A Skill Together: 

Language classes (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese...), 
Salsa Class, 
Karate, (lol)
1 day Professional course,
Cooking class...

#3. Date Night: 

Comedy show, 
Stage play, 
Fashion show, 
Karaoke and the likes...

#4. Humanitarian
Visit the orphanages and special homes,
Make donations, 
Attend a conference, 
Sick/old people's home...

#5. Stay At Home
Share gifts, 
Watch a movie,
Make a meal together,
House cleaning,
Pray all night...

Whatever you do, we wish you a fabulous Valentine's Day with lots of love from!


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