Puma Confirms Deal With Kylie Jenner After Kanye's "Twitter Rants"

Some days back when the rumor of Kylie's deal with sports wear company, Puma, spread, Kanye went on a twitter rant saying that she would never do it that she was on his Yeezy team saying "We gon give you your measly millions back!" He accused the company of trying to divide his family. lol, When did Kylie become his daughter?

Whoops! He promised that Kylie would never work with Puma, but has now been proven wrong

Well, it looks like Kylie's deal with Puma has been confirmed and the 18 year-old reality TV star will be joining Rihanna on the Puma team.

Lending her face: Kylie Jenner has reportedly signed a partnership deal with sportswear brand Puma (pictured wearing the brand in September)

Kylie will be working as a...

brand advocate for Puma by supporting specific Puma products through campaigns and her own personal social outlets unlike Rihanna who partnered with Puma exclusively for her Puma Fenty collection. It seems the Jenner sister are up in their game with Kendall being the new face of Calvin Klein and becoming one of the biggest faces in global runways to Kylie sealing deals with major brands...

This is definitely one very juicy deal for the teen and Kanye can go ahead and roast after all...lol

New gig: Kylie will be an 'advocate' for Puma and will promote its pieces in campaigns and on social media


  1. Serves that idiot right. he just likes making noise all over the place

  2. This is what I call a perfect "Ela". Kanye go and sleep jor

  3. Truly serves him right. He's just an annoying noise maker

  4. Imagine the disgrace. a whole father of two children. No shame at all, meddling with 18 year-olds business. tschewww! agbaya!

  5. hahahahahahaha. I can't stop laughing

  6. This is the ish, I have to share

  7. This is the ish, I have to share

  8. Eyah! Kanye is a roasted chicken right now

  9. bayodeyanju05@yahoo.com17 February 2016 at 10:02


  10. Sorry Kanye. lmao

  11. he just got served

  12. None of your business17 February 2016 at 10:42

    serves him right


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