Princess Charlotte Becomes World's Youngest Fashion Icon!

Now this is interesting! Prince William's daughter; Princess Charlotte who is set to clock one in May has become the world's youngest fashion icon as American designer, Marc Jacobs, has named a cosmetics line after her. One of Marc Jacobs new deep pink lipstick shade has been named "Charlotte" and sells for about £24 at Harrods.

Despite not being able to talk or walk yet, the young princess is already gaining grounds in the fashion industry. She is sure going to be one very stylish Princess!

See photos of the lipstick after the cut...

The lipstick is available at Harrods for £24


  1. imagine. what does she know about lipsticks? Next...

  2. This small girl that cannot even say her name. lipstick? money is good oh

  3. life of a royal

  4. life of a royal


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