Kanye Finally Speaks Up About Kylie's Puma Deal. lol

A very stylish Kylie Jenner was spotted at the Boss show at the New York Fashion Week on Wednesday after revelations of her Puma deal. Kanye has spoken up about the deal, read what he had to say after the cut...

'She had already signed and I was mad for a little bit': Kanye opened up to TMZ about sister-in-law Kylie Jenner's new show deal with his athletic wear competitor Puma, as she is pictured at the Boss show as part of NYFW on Wednesday
Kylie Jenner at the Boss Show NYFW

Kanye West has tried to...

shake the dust off his shoulder claiming that he was totally unaware that the 18 year-old signed the deal. hat she signed without his knowledge.Talking to TMZ, the 38 year-old rapper says,

"She had already signed and I was mad for a little bit"

'She had already signed and I was mad for a little bit... but I'm really happy for her though.'

Revealing: He even opened up about his debt as he said: 'I spent 53 million over the past 13 years chasing my dreams and I wanted to make sure all entrepreneurs that it's possible to go under and still make it out'

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  1. Lmao. Before, what will he do

  2. Abi na. tscheeew

  3. everybody is tired of Kanye's mess about

  4. wow, I love that jacket


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