Finally! Make Up Tips For Men!

Hi guys, this one's for you! we always talk make-up and beauty tips and all, yet most magazines and beauty forums tend to neglect the need for men to also look good and have a picture perfect face.
So, what type of make-up can men apply? Experts say that you don't need a make-up artist to do the "photo shoot make-up", all you need is to apply a subtle make-up on your own and still look good! I meant "good", not "gay"... not every make-up tip will make you look gay if you are straight...

To start your make-up routine, don't forget to get your self a good facial scrub. For more on the type of facial scrubs to get, please read here.

You can cover up spots with a...

concealer or a water based foundation. Don't use the oily ones so your face doesn't look shiny and apply to the areas you want to conceal lightly. Define your brows with an old toothbrush or mascara brush. Apply a faint amount of lip balm always to keep your lips soft but not shiny. You can also use a blush of powder (preferably your shade), to keep your face fresh. Always apply with a powder brush.

I hope these tips are just what you need for that masculine make-up tweek!

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Stay Handsome!


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