Wonders Indeed! They Say This Fragrance Will Make You Slim. lol

Can this be true? This fragrance has been proven to make women lose weight. Well I'm talking about "Prends-Moi", a weight losing fragrance that has been around sInce 2012! Scientists at the Centre of Biological Research and Cutaneous Experimentation say that the fragrance helps a woman lose weight through aromatherapeutics and neurocosmetics? "Prends-Moi Moi" is said to contain naturally derived chemicals that induces weight and curbs apetite.

Can this be true and will you want more that a just to smell good with your fragrance?

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Prends-Moi contains "feel-good" chemicals that trigger the release of endorphins, the happy hormone: ergo less emotional eating.

The scent’s naturally-derived Betaphroline for example, is a chemical that boosts the production of B-endorphins when it comes in contact with keratinocytes on the outer layer of the skin.

“Prends-Moi also sends pleasure messages through the neurotransmitters to the hippocampus, the ‘odour brain’, which triggers the immediate sensation of well-being, a reduction in stress and an increase in contentment, reducing the need to overeat and the scent’s slimming action is activated,” explains its creator, ex-model Joyce Musy.

In studies, after 28 days of wearing the scent, 75 per cent of women between 18 and 75 agreed that Prends-Moi reduced the need to snack, while 70 per cent of wearers thought that the scent had changed their eating behaviours.

Adam Anderson, buying director at The Fragrance Shop explained when Prends-Moi first launched: “Before agreeing to stock the fragrance we sampled this in-house on a number of our staff who were all keen to get their hands on it – and they are all pleased with the results!  

Source: Telegraph.com


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