Shocking! Married Woman Raped And Murdered While On Vacation With Husband!

Happy new week guys, this story serves as a warning to all married couples and every female out there; we live in a very dangerous world these days... Asides the child raping, kidnapping and abuse that has grown rampant in our communities these days, some psychos don't also have the conscience to stay out of the lives of married couples even while on their vacation???

Read the shocking story below;

It has been reported that a 39 year-old American woman was raped and murdered by a strange man who held a cutlass while on vacation at the La Sagresse resort on Caribbean Island of Grenada. The woman's body was said to have been found dead some miles outside the capital of Grenada after being brutally raped! The attacker had targeted the couple with a cutlass while the husband managed to escape...

British woman's magazine journalist Sue Hardy, 63, was one of many British tourists on the beach when the drama began to unfold. Above is an empty beach chair where the woman took her last walk
The spot on La Sagrasse Resort where the woman took her last stroll

'The husband managed to escape, but...

the body of the woman was found minutes later in the nearby mangrove.
'The couple who arrived in Grenada days ago, was a guest at one of the hotels. Police already has suspect.
'Reports are that this person of interest is an ex convict, recently released from prison.'
British woman's magazine journalist Sue Hardy, 63, was one of many British tourists on the beach when the drama began around 11.30 local time Sunday morning.
Hardy, who is from Inkpen, Berkshire, is on vacation with her family. She said that they had just set up their sun chairs and were relaxing in the sunshine when 'there was a sudden commotion near the little pen-fronted restaurant, which faces out on to the beach.'
'Some guys were shouting and people were running,' Hardy said. 'At first we didn't know what was happening. But gradually rumors started spreading among the tourists.'
She said that there were about 30 people on the beach, including children, as people started to become nervous and edgy because it was obvious something serious happened.
'The staff were very tight-lipped and it seemed they had been told not to say anything to alarm the tourists,' Hardy said.
'We saw the guy who owns the place running to his jeep and speeding off - he was probably going to talk to the police.
'Gradually we put the story together. It appears the American woman tourist - described as 'very beautiful' by one member of the staff I spoke to - had gone off for a stroll along the beach with her husband.'

Tragic: An American woman was reportedly found brutally killed on a deserted stretch of sun-splashed beach about twelve miles outside the capital of the Caribbean island of Grenada. Above are her shoes that she kicked off before going off on a walk
The woman's shoes found along the beach

Hardy said there is a main beach at the resort that is about a half a mile long that has a restaurant and apartments that are located in the main hotel building overlooking the beach.
She said that her husband ran half a mile back to the restaurant and hotel area to get help, leaving his wife.
'Whether she'd been dragged off and kidnapped, I don't know,' Hardy said.
'Some staff ran back to the deserted beach but by the time they got there she had been murdered.
'I was told she had been raped too. They said she was lying on the edge of the water. I don't know how she was killed - maybe the attacker, or attackers, held her down in the water and drowned her, I just don't know.'
Hardy said that police officers would not say anything other than that there had been an incident.
Calls placed to the police department and the resort on the island by Mail Online went unanswered.
'The woman and her husband had arrived last night so this must have been one of their first walks along the beach,' she explained.
'After walking for half a mile round the bay, where you are still in sight from the hotel and restaurant and the main area where tourists sit out in the sun, you can go up a path which leads through a sort of mangrove swamp, with steps so you don't walk into the mud.
'After about 100 yards through this somewhat dark swampy area, you come out on to another beach which is totally deserted.

'No-one can see you there - but of course nobody can see if anyone attacks you there.
'I've been there on previous visits to La Sagesse and I always felt a bit spooked on that deserted beach, as if someone was watching you from the undergrowth.'
Hardy, who is on her sixth trip to Grenada, said that the La Sagesse resort is her favorite on the island. But she said she won't venture out to that other hidden beach again after the American tourist's death.
'As I say, we have been coming here for years and we know lots of ex-pats who have lived here for decades and they all say you are totally safe,' Hardy noted.
'People were just in shock as word spread, and some of the local villagers came down to the beach.
'They were just standing around, aghast at what had happened.There was such a sad sight - she'd left her beach shoes lying on the sand near the restaurant.
'I assume she'd kicked them off to go for a romantic walk with her husband on their first full day in paradise.'

Source: Daily Mail


  1. This is tragic! Very terrible. But why are people so wicked? I am sure the monster would have seen the ring on her finger while doing this. If I am her husband, I would cut off his **** when caught.

  2. The husband is a fly. how can you escape and leave your wife in that kind of time. he was suposed to fight not runaway. now the woman is dead

    1. You cannot blame the husband. He might have not had a choice. pray not to ever be in such situation

  3. This is so bad. women need more protection in this world

  4. Replies
    1. he is a heartless goat

    2. the guy needs to be castrated

  5. There is nothing we won't see in this world

  6. This world is ending soon. Tobi Weldone...

  7. I saw this post and my heart broke. i actually know a close friend who went through the similar thing. His wife was murdered right before his eyes by armed robbers, raped also. Men make sure you have a security plan when starting a family. the world is a dangerous place.


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