Kylie Jenner Flashes Bra And Dishes Beauty Routine In New Shoot!

The 18 year-old reality tv star, Kylie Jenner looks flawless in the new campaign for skincare and body care line, Nip+Fab. Kylie who is new ambassador for the brand, showed off her hot bod in a sheer top while posing for the shoot.

The reality TV star-turned-business guru bares an uncanny resemblance to her big sister Kim Kardashian as she showcases her assets in a sultry new photoshoot

She was joined by Nip+Fab Founder and CEO, Maria Hatzistefanis in the shoot as Kylie also dishes out on her beauty routines and more...

'I still like to wash my face in the morning. Sometimes I'll have leftover mascara, so I like to just take everything off, start fresh. And then I'll usually be doing my make-up,' she says, detailing her mourning routine.
When it comes to actual cosmetics, she says she actually likes 'just a natural look for every day', preferring to go 'as light as possible' with items like mascara and bronzer.
For nights out, though, it's a different story. Kylie has already revealed her drawers upon drawers of make-up in videos on her app, and she says that it's necessary to have a variety of products.
'The powders that you use are really important, especially when the camera hits you,' she says. 'I feel like your make-up looks completely different... in photos than it does in person.

In celebration of the new beauty campaign - her second for the brand - Kylie showcases her incredible body as she poses in a racy sheer top revealing her black bra

Kylie Jenner, 18, looks sensational as she wears a completely sheer top and skin-tight trousers  in celebration of her latest beauty campaign

The brand's founder and CEO, Maria Hatzistefanis, left, who joins the star in the shoot, added: 'I love working with Kylie, we make it fun'
Kylie and Maria

Besides talking up Rodial bronzers and powders, she also says that she is 'obviously into Kylie Lip Kit'.
'I'm addicted. I wear it every day, I cant leave the house without it,' she says, but insists that she's now taking it a bit easier on the lip liner. 'I started not over-lining my lips as much.'
When she comes home, she strips all the make-up off again - definitely one of her secrets to having such good skin.
'Then sometimes I'll scrub my face,' she tells Maria, who has just launched her own documentary series on YouTube, The Mrs. Rodial Project.

As for where she gets her inspiration, Kylie implied that she's inspired by fans just as much as they are inspired by her.
'With new make-up looks, I'll probably, honestly, just see stuff on Instagram,' she shares. 'Like people will tag me in stuff and I'll get good make-up tips from that. Also I follow all my make-up artists and my family's make-up artists, so I see the looks that they do on other people.'
But when it comes to her wigs and extensions, she's less about the do-it-yourself approach.
'I never do it myself, because I want it to look as real as possible and I'm not that good at it. I realized throughout my wig experience I only use tape. I never use glue because I feel like it starts to rip your hair out,'

Maria, who is an Instagram star in her own right, added: 'Kylie is a beauty icon and at the forefront of fashion and beauty trends, making her the perfect ambassador'

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