You Won't Believe Your Eyes, Barbie In Human Flesh!

Andressa Damiani is a 23 year-old Brazilian with a 20-inch waist and a bra size of 32F. The barbie doll look alike wears contact lenses and denies ever having a plastic surgery. Andressa says she sometimes frightens people with her looks and has maintained that her features are natural and has never gone through plastic surgery.

She is popularly known in Brazil as "Elsa" because of her striking resemblance with the character in the Disney movie; "Frozen".

Andressa says that people do not believe she has not had surgery and call her a 'liar' with others being frightened by her appearance and running away
Human Barbie; Andressa
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Andressa demonstrates how to get her look on YouTube, she uses dark brown shadow applied under the eye and the lower lashes are glued on below the natural lashline to give the illusion of bigger eyes
Andressa with blue contacts


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