Wheels 'n' Style: The 2017 Toyota Supra Is Truly A Phenom!

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Meet the 2017 Toyota Supra

The much awaited 2017 Toyota Supra release date has been moved to between the end of next year, 2016 and early 2017. The model which will be designed as a collaboration of Toyota and BMW, looks like a typical Bat car...
from the Batman series, has been speculated to have 2 different engine variants.  The model will be designed under "The Silk Road Project" where BMW will be in charge of the chassis and engine set up and Toyota will create the car's hybrid technologies. The new Toyota Supra is speculated to have a 2.0 turbo four cylinder (240 HP/260 lb-ft) and an inline 6 four cylinder turbo (335 HP/330 lb-ft). The inline 6-cylinder will be likely paired with an electric motor in a hybrid battery setup with power of almost 470 HP. It will be a rare wheel drive with front engine setup. Wow!

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