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Hi dear fashionistas, welcome to a new week! So I have a slice of how to get a clean corporate look for work this week. The newest styles and colours to wear for both men and ladies.

For the men's style, please ensure to continue reading after the cut.


Get Her Green Suit Look!
  • Ladies you can spice up your closet with a green suit. ( She's wearing teal)
  • I would recommend you go for the darker greens as we are well aware that most companies prefer dark coloured suits. 
  • There ain't nothing wrong if heads turn while you step out to meetings in a teal suit and your chic d'orsay heels.
  • Don't forget your jewellery, we love rings. The trending finger tip rings are your best picks.

See the men's style here...

For guys, it's all black errything! You can try a one colour combo like this all black meltdown we have here. Get a breather from the white shirt and suit combo!

Style Pointers

  • Black suit
  • Plain black shirt
  • Black tie and pocket square
  • Black shoes
  • You can create your own special one colour combo say; all grey, dark blue, brown, even green.

Remember that your looks say a million and one things about you...

Thanks for reading!


  1. the teal suit will be a nice try

  2. #I like the green suit but there are some places you might not be allowed to wear that colour.

  3. Teal? hmmm interesting


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