12 Accessories You Must Have This Season

Ladies, as we celebrate Thanksgiving and move into the festive season, don't forget to glam up your style with the new trends of accessories.

These accessories are a must have this season...

1. Ear Cuffs


Adorn your ears with earcuffs and see how much style you will add to your look...

See the full list of accessories you need here

2. Toe Rings

toe ring

Toe rings and more toe rings! Your toes will smile at you if you wear them like this to the beach or with sandals.

3. Armour Necklace

armour necklace

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian brought out the glam in their look by just finishing up with an armour necklace. Balmain brought back the armour trend in it's collection this year.

4. Cross Knuckle Joint Armor ring

This ring will be well suited if used as a wedding accessory. You can also wear to parties and dinners.

5. Hair chain and metal Hair bands

There are new designs of chain and metal head pieces that you can style your head with.

6. Anklets

Yes anklets are back! And you can style your feet with your anklets and toe rings as seen in this picture.

7. Choker

A studded choker or even a simple slim choker can make a difference to your overall appearance.

8. Septum Ring

You can get the septum ring that cuffs to the nose or get a piercing if you fancy one.

9. Finger Tip rings

finger tip rings

These rings are styled not to fit the fingers completely. They look like what you see in the pictures. You can wear as many finger tip rings as you like this season.

10. Arm Cuff

It seems all the Egyptian style accessories are the centre point of the current trends. Don't forget to style your arm with a cuff on that sleeveless dress or top.

11. Cuff bracelet

cuff bracelet

You can wear the bracelet on one arm or both and you can style it with an armour necklace.

12. Finger nail rings

These rings are designed to adorn your nails.

Images from: Dhgate.com, Aliexpress.com, Amazon.com, Blondeepisode.com; Wheretoget.It,


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