What To Eat For A Glowing Skin

We all have concerns about our skin. The struggle with spots, skin diseases, skin tone is never ending and this very important issue drives people to unreasonable ends.

The effects of having a bad skin as a result of diet can occur at any age. The quality of your skin depends largerly on what you consume. So the question is, what are you eating? I'm not saying you should not use a good lotion or soap but based on research, what you consume is very important to the health of your skin. The healthier you eat, the healthier your skin and vice versa. Asides fruits, vegetables and water, here is a list of other readily available and affordable foods that can improve the quality of your skin.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and they contain Lycopene which stimulates skin circulation. Eating fresh tomatoes can be very good in aiding digestion and skin quality.

Sea Foods
Sea foods like fish, prawns, crab are high in protein and helps to improve skin quality. Sea foods are high in Omega 3 which protects from heart attack.

Why do you think avocado is always used at spas and for body treatment? It's because avocado is a great source of vitamin E and it helps to stimulate the production of skin collagen which improves skin texture and tone. The regular eating of a portion of avocado will lead to a great result in your skin condition.

Pumpkin Seeds (Commonly Known As Egusi)
The health benefits of pumpkin seeds are usually overlooked even though we consume them in most Nigerian homes. Pumpkin seeds are very rich in vitamin E, zinc and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which helps to clear the skin.

Garlic contains a chemical called allicin. Allicin when digested reacts with the blood to kill harmful bacteria in the body. Garlic is most effective when...

eaten raw. You can swallow or chew a clove everyday or chop raw in your salad, cocktail or drink.

Olives/ Olive Oil
Apart from protecting the heart from disease like high blood pressure,  Olives are packed with anti aging oxidants which makes it superb for the skin, hair and nails. The addition of olives or olive oil to your daily diet would keep you healthy and add glow to your skin.

Sweet Potato
Sweet potato is a rich source of vitamin B, C and D. It helps to increase the skin’s elasticity and reduces body stress. Sweet Potato also protects the heart from diseases and aids the circulation of oxygen once digested. To get the best of boiled sweet potatoes, boil it with the skin on.

Legumes like beans, peas and lentils are very rich in protein and as we know protein is necessary for building body tissues and detoxifying the body system. So, when you consume more legumes, you will start noticing changes on your skin as it would start getting clearer.

Green Tea
Green tea has been said to contain anti-oxidants like polyphenol which improves the skin and makes it clearer.

You can also do a personal research on other foods that would be beneficial to your skin and body as this list is not exhaustive. Change your diet, change your workout habits and watch your skin glowing and come alive.

Happy eating!