Lea Michele Talks Butt And More On Marie Claire November

Lea Michele is the stunning face on the cover page of Marie Claire's November edition. The 29 year-old former glee star who is currently starring in Scream Queens had this to say about her butt;  "I love my butt. It is a show stopper"!

Marie Claire November

magazine november 2015

She talked about her current relationship with boyfriend Matthew Paetz, whom she's been dating for over a year, and also reflected on her past relationship with...

the late Cory Monteith, who died in 2013 as a result of drug overdose. She talked about how she was able to mover on after his death. Cory was also a part of the Glee cast.

  • On moving forward after Cory Monteith's death: "Getting to the other side takes a lot of work. All you can do is get to the other side. It's a struggle. When you do, there is happiness there. It's important to me to keep private some of that process with how I got here. But I am here, I am good, and I am very grateful for that"
  • On her boyfriend, Matthew Paetz: "Matthew is a good cook. Food, for me, was always about love and connecting"
  • On getting a new home: "The new house might be a little baller. I've earned it."On fame and being secure in herself: "Everybody thinks you're a star with roses being dropped at your feet. You have to take some f*cking punches. Now I have my groove . . . I am much more aware. I also don't care as much. I am very content with me."

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