Have You Heard? Thigh Brows Are The New Sexy!

First it was thigh gap now it's thigh brows??? So in case you wear a bikini and you don't get a defined thigh brow, does it mean you need to work out more? Thigh brows are the fold lines that seperates your thighs from your butt. For them to be sexy, they have to form a sharp single line on both thighs and should not be flappy.

This is some new fashion craze, lol... Thigh brows are the new sexy***

I see thigh brows everywhere! pictures...

Khloe and Kendall Kadarshian showing off some thigh brows

Beyonce soaking the sun and showing off thigh brows

More thigh brows here

Kylie Jenner focuses selfie on her thigh brows

Karrueche Tran shows off pool side thigh brows

Source: Elle.com


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