The New And Unbelievable Ways To Contour Your Features!

We all know that contouring has been an essential beauty regimen as far as facial make up is concerned. But these days, beauty vloggers and make up artists are going crazy over contouring and coming up with new, unbelievable and outrageous techniques all in the name of

Meet your new and essential contouring styles;

Henna Contouring

Have you seen the new henna contouring? It is done by creating henna designs with your concealers to highlight and contour your face. This trend was started by beauty vloggers Shahina Aslam and Sahur Saleim.

Clown Contouring

Okay you have to know how to create a clown makeover for this This actually got me jaw dropping! Beauty vlogger, BellaDeLune uses clown makeup techniques to achieve a perfectly finished look. See pictures;

Read more and see more pictures after the cut

Decolletage Contouring

You can simply call this body or boob contouring where you apply a bronzer or highlighter to define the features of your cleavage!

Lip Contouring

This is typical to the lips Kylie Jenner puts on display. She achieves this by applying several shades of lip colour to make her lips look fuller. It is done by applying by applying darker shades on the outer boundary of the lips and lighter ones in between. FYI, Kylie is set to release her lip contouring kit soon...

See Kylie Jenner' total lip transformation achieved with lip contouring!

See how to contour your lips in this picture


Strobing is used to emphasize the edges of the face, a bronzer is applied to the cheek bones, the temples and the bridge of the nose to give a vibrant shine...

Hair Contouring

I actually didn't know about this until I read an article on I was amazed at the extent of contouring being done to modify a woman's features. Hair contouring is used to accentuate the features of the face and has mostly been employed in styling super models and celebrities.


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