Google Releases "Most Searched Beauty Questions From Nigeria"! (Read Replies)

Google has released the most searched beauty questions from different countries and this ones are for Nigeria. Most Googlers from Nigeria search for DIY beauty remedies about how to use olive oil and honey on the skin and also how to improve hair texture.


How Can I Use Olive Oil And Honey On The Skin?

Answers from experts

Beauty experts have adviced that olive oil can be used as a soothing make-up remover and as a body moisturizer while honey can be used as a facial or skin mask. You can try a mixture of honey and granulated sugar as a facial scrub. Honey is said to have hydrating and anti microbial benefits.


Most Searched Hair Question;

How Can I Make My Hair Feel Soft?

Answers From Experts

TippI Shorter who has worked with Beyonce and Alicia Keys advices that you should condition your hair regularly. Hair growth expert Alan J Bauman recommends using a heavy, lipid rich conditioner everytime you get your hair wet. Steaming is also highly recommended. Search for anti breakage hair conditioners and stick to the one suitable for your hair.