Australian Comedian Mocks Celebrity Selfies And It's Hilarious!

Celestie Barber is an Australian comedian who has taken out time to show us the hilarious side of celebrity selfies.

While speaking to Daily Mail, she says, "People take it all too seriously, they have an obsession with celebrities, the rich, the priviledge and all these lifestyle blogger but yet the celebrities think they are doing normal things. Kim Kardashian posing in a pile of dirt; who does that in real life?"  *Definitely Kim, lol*

As we all know by now, our #Selfie Princess is one of her major targets...Wait, when is she going to do the Miley version??? I can't wait. lol

See pictures...

#oops, I can also strike a pose in dirty sand like Kim! lol

More unbelievably and suprisingly hilarious pictures after the cut

I also have a nude pregnant selfie *wink*

@ Miranda, hi I've got my fries right back at ya! lol

Okay this doesn't look so good***

I can also do a split>>>oops!