#You Won't Believe: Celebrities Who Have Done Plastic Surgeries!

We know the idea of plastic surgeries in Nigeria is not so welcoming... In Hollywood  however, some of your favourite celebrities have admitted to doing plastic surgeries and you might have never thought...

Kelly Rowland: She had a boob job done after waiting for 10years...

Iggy Azalea: #Breast Implants.. She said she was tired of padding and had to get a boob job...

Sharon Osborne: She admitted to have her vagina tightened during an interview on the Graham Norton Show. Wow!

Kourtney Kardashian: Had a boob job done in college...

Kris Jenner: Also boob job and #face lift!

Sylvester Stallone: Face surgery to correct a facial assymetry in 1992.

Britney Spears admitted to In Style that she had lip injections to enhance her lips.


  1. Silvester is a good actor, others i think did too much, look at real https://kovla.com/blog/celebrities-with-the-basketball-sized-boobs/ beauty!they didint do any plastic surgeries!

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