What To Wear On A Saturday

Cheers to the weekend! Its Saturday and many of us are resting from all the stress of the week. Even for those who work weekends, you still need to chill and pick matching outfits that would make you feel relaxed and casual.

What To Wear At Home

# Ladies- Tank top, casual top, shorts, mini skirts, casual short dress, leggings, jalabiya, slip ons, no make-up...

# Guys- Shorts, round necks, polo tops, singlet, sweat shirts, jalabiya, slippers...

What To Wear To The Mall

# Ladies- Tank top and shorts, three quarter pants, jeans, casual dress, dungarees, tshirt, bubu, kaftan, slippers or sandals, light make up, dress top, jeggings...

# Guys- Tshirt, Sweat Shirt, Shorts, dungarees, jalabiya, jeans, polo top, casual shirt, pant trousers, wallet, khakis.

What To Wear To The Beach

# Ladies- Mono straps, jump suit, bumper shorts, mini skirt, short print dress, shirt dress, sleeveless, accessories, fancy scarf, tube dress, rubber sandal or pumps, plastic bag, sunglasses, hat, medium make-up...

# Guys- T shirt, shorts, round neck, beach top, slip ons, hand accessory, hat, sunglasses, camera.

What To Wear To The Cinema

# Ladies- Print dress, skirt, t shirt, jeans, jeggings, casual shirt, bag, pumps, wedges, accessories, fancy scarf, medium make-up...

# Guys- Casual shirt, chinos, jeans, sweat shirt, sneakers, mocasins, loafer, trainers, boots, neck chain, hand accessory, wallet.

What To Wear To The Wedding

# Ladies- Party dress, ankara dress, lace, dinner dress, silver accessories, stone accessories, red outfits, red accessories, silver heels, gold heels, high sandals, platforms, wedge, purse, full make up...

#Guys- Guinea, lace, senegalese, ankara, corporate shirt, cufflinks, waist jacket, blazer, pant trouser, suit, nice wrist watch, belt, pocket square, tie, dress shoes.


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