Novak Djokovic's Fashion Picks

The Serbian Professional Tennis Player and world No. 1 Male Singles Tennis player has won the Wimbledon 2015 after defeating world No. 2, Roger Federer. He is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He is married to his beautiful Serbian wife, Jelena.

Get the "Novak Look", See below for some tips;
1. All white track suit... If you are a lover of sport wears or a sports person, this can be a good match   even though white is the official tennis dress code, you can still try it out.

2. Adidas Novak Pro shoes (white)... You can try out white trainers with jeans, khakis and the likes. You can visit; to see more of his sports fashion.

3. Pictured below with Female world Number one, Serena Williams. Novak is wearing a navy blue suit, green and navy striped tie, plain white shirt and white pocket square.

4. Below in an interview with Boris Becker late 2014, He wears a black blazer jacket with matching       trouser, plain white shirt and black dress shoes.

5.  A brown suit can be a good mix to a man's wardrobe...

6. Picture below with his wife in a black suit, plain white shirt and a bow tie.

7. Novak in action... Red on white shorts, Navy blue on white shorts. His white adidas Pro shoes are an excellent match.

Major colour picks: Navy Blue, White, Black, Brown and Red.


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