How To Get Your Hair Longer In Two Weeks!

Once upon a time, various brands of hair relaxers were introduced to the Nigerian market and every one wanted a piece! Well, after years of trying one product to another, it seems many women are tired of the headaches and are growing back their natural hair...

*It is advisable to ensure you reduce the number of times you apply relaxers to your hair to about three to four times a year. This gives your hair some time to grow after each application.

*Also, it is advisable to get a mild relaxer so that you avoid hair and scalp damage.

*You can buy a hot comb if you don't want to apply relaxer at all.

*Look for hair oils like coconot oil, argan oil, carrot oil, olive oil and shea butter for your hair.

Reasons Why Excessive Application of Relaxer Is Not Good For Your Hair

  • It contains chemicals that damages your hair and scalp
  • It breaks your hair and leaves it thin
  • It discolors your hair
  • The hair is left with a stunted growth
  •  You may start getting bald

Things You Should Not Do To Your Hair!

  • Donot, develop a regular trend of fixing or braiding immediately after relaxing. It breaks the hair. Leave your natural hair alone for a week or two
  • Donot apply cheap products to your hair
  • Donot scratch or irritate your scalp before applying your relaxer
  • Donot apply just any product to your hair; read product reviews and recommendations online before buying your hair products

If you have had good or bad experiences with any hair product please share a comment. 


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