Fashion Must Haves For The rainy Season

The rain is getting heavier everyday...

Ladies don't let that pretty dress wash off under the rain! This season can get so exciting at the beginning, but later on comes the muddy floors... the heavy traffic... the messy clothes!

Here is a list of your must haves for this season;

An Umbrella; To prevent your pretty hair and dress from getting wet...#very important

A Shower cap: For the light drizzle...

Rubber Shoes: C'mon don't wear those Louboutins out in the rain! You can also get a shoe protector when you desperately need to wear your expensive shoes. (As sown in the second picture below)

A Sweater/Jacket: A sweater or jacket for the cooooold!

Rain Proof Bag: This is usually made of plastic. A good patent bag can serve the same purpose.


Tissue Paper: You should have that with you at all times.... In case someone beside you in a public bus sneezes, then you need to take cover!... In case you get a muddy splash from a crazy driver... In case.... well you never know **

I guess that's all I have for your must haves, you can add other necessary items to the list.

Be fabulous, Adios!